You will find a full line of rifles, shotguns and pistols below.  If there is something that you want and you don’t see it, just fill out the Contact Form and tell us what you are looking for.

We also have a full line of ammo, scopes, and accessories as well.

Mike Hyde

Inventory IDNameDescriptionItem Price
IN0001RugerSR-556FB, piston driven, 4-30rd mags 223/5.56$1,600.00
IN0002RugerAR-15, .223/5.56$675.00
IN0003BushmasterQRC-AR-15, 5.56$650.00
IN0004Sig SauerM-400 AR-15 pistol, 5.56$1.025.00
IN0005Smith & WessonM&P-15 AR-15, 5.56$650.00
IN0006Smith & WessonM&P -15, AR-15, MOE, FDE, 30-rd$1,075.00
IN0007H&KModel-416, AR22$425.00
IN0008Hi-PointCarbine 45ACP$300.00
IN0009Hi-PointCarbine, 9mm$290.00
IN0010WinchesterModel-1873, Lever Action, 20" BBL$1,325.00
IN0011SavageModel 93R17, 17HMR$280.00
IN0012RugerAmerican, FDE, 18" BBL, 300 Blackout$425.00
IN0013Ruger10/22, Heavy BBL, Green Houge Stock$375.00
IN0014RemingtonModel-783, 3x9x40mm scope, camo, 243, 270$400.00
IN0015RemingtonModel-783, 3x9x40 scope, black syn, 243$365.00
IN0016BrowningX-Bolt, SS, 375 H&H Mag.$1,025.00
IN0017RugerM-77, Walnut Stock, 22WSM$725.00
IN0018RugerMini-14, Ranch Rifle, 55. 30-rd mags.$800.00
IN0019Remington700, BDL, 243 calibur, mint$900.00
IN0020RemingtonModel-1187, 20-Gauge, syn stock, matte blk.$450.00
IN0021BrowningBLR, 256-Roberts$900.00
IN0022Smith & WessonM&P Shield, 9MM, 7-shot mag$415.00
IN0023Smith & WessonM&P Shield, 45ACP, slim, 6-shot mag$450.00
IN0024Smith & WessonModel-642, 2"BBL, SS, 38spl, 5-shot$425.00
IN0025Smith & WessonBody Guard-380 auto, CTC green laser, 6-shot$480.00
Smith & WessonModel-642LS, 2"BBL, SS, 38spl, 5-shot$435.00
Smith & WessonM&P-22 Shield, 22LR$365.00
Smith & WessonModel-637-2, SS, 2"BBL, 5-shot, 38spl$425.00
Smith & WessonM&P Shield, 9MM, 17-shot mags$535.00
Smith & WessonModel-351PD, 22WSM, 2"BBL, Rosewood Grips$650.00
RugerMK-IV Hunter, 22LR, SS, 65/8' Fluted BBL$625.00
RugerLCP-380, auto, 6-shot$235.00
RugerLCR-22WSM, 2'BBL$490.00
GlockModel-43, 2-mags, 6-shot auto$475.00
GlockModel-42, 2-mags, 6- shot auto$425.00
GlockModel-19, Gen4, 3-15rd mags, back straps$560.00
GlockModel-19, Gen4, 3-15rd mags, back straps, talo$580.00
GlockModel-19, Gen3, 2-15rd mags$520.00
GlockModel-17, Gen4, 3-17rd mags, back straps$560.00
GlockModel-19, Gen4, MOS, 3-15rd mags, back straps$615.00
DiamondbackDB-380, 6-shot auto, .380$250.00
DiamondbackDB-9MM, 6 shot auto, 9MM$250.00
DiamondbackDB-380, 6-shot auto, .380$250.00
DiamondbackDB-9MM, 6-shot auto, 9MM$250.00
Charter ArmsPathfinder, 22LR, 6-revolver, SS, 2"BBL$365.00
Hi-PointModel C-9, woodlands camo, 9MM$200.00
Hi-PointModel C-9, black, 9MM$190.00
CimarronThunder, 3.5"BBL, Bird's Head Grips, cal. 44spl.$525.00